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 Welcome to ISBAT's African Hair Braiding

Isbat is the most courteous and professional hair braidist in the Newburgh area. She knows what it takes to make the customer happy and will always make sure the customer leaves happy and satisfied.

If you are searching for a high end Hair Braiding salon you have come to the right place.
Creating a great look starts with the right Braids. We offer balanced combination of high-style  African hair braiding, with a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere...

We offer complete hair braiding  and weaving services to help you reach the full potential of your beauty.  Our skilled staff of professional hair braiders are here to provide you with the highest quality of service. We invite you to come pamper yourself in a relaxing, unique Cozy environment unlike any other you've experienced.  Not Crowded like most Salon.  
We are conveniently located at  425 Broadway Newburgh, New York 12550  USA in Orange County
Isbat's African hair Braiding  provides quality services to men, women and children. Please see our services below


We are Specialized in the following styles

  • Feeding Cornrows
  • Invisible braids
  • Micro braids
  • Spring twist
  • Havana Twist
  • Pixie braids
  • Goddess 
  • Bomb Twist
  • Human Hair Twist
  • Senegalese twist
  • Nubian twist
  • Kinky twist
  • Fluffy twist
  • Cornrows
  • Tree Braids
  • Weaves
  • Pixie Braids
  • And More...

Our Braids prices depend on:

  • Braids Type
  • Braids Length
  • Braids Size
  • Braids Style


Just as a well-tended garden leads to a healthy crop, a well groomed scalp leads to longer, healthier hair.  More and more African American women are choosing braids over the press, curl and perm.   A majority of braiding styles now use hair extensions.  To maintain braids of this kind for the longest time possible, here are some suggestions.

Wrapping the hair at night

While sleeping at the night, it is advisable to wear a cap or wrap the hair with a scarf to keep it in place as much as possible.  In this way, your tossing and turning will not pull on or tangle the braids.  In the morning, once the cap or wrap is removed, the braids hair can be styled with ease.


 While it is generally recommended that braided hair should not be shampoo washed for at least 7 days after the braids are set (some women are comfortable extending this period much longer).  This allows the braids to maintain their setting.  However, after some time, you will experience a definite need to clean your scalp and ease itching.  Braided hair and scalp can be washed with regular shampoo and conditioner, and the scalp treated with hair jell available from beauty shops.


The first braids to loosen are those around the front and sides of the scalp where the hair tends to be short, and does not adhere firmly with the extensions.  Most hair braiding stylists will provide a "touch-up" service to their customers to restore loosening braids.  Generally, this services is provided if the braids have been in place for two to three weeks.


Please contact us for the prices.telefono-icon (845) 561-2511 /  (845)-549-7310

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